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SUMMIT is a real-world podcast about life lived outdoors. Each episode covers stories, skills, or tools that are used to survive and thrive in the wild. It's presented in a compelling narrative style that's been compared to a NPR for the outdoors. 

SUMMIT explores the deeper side of the outdoors, introducing listeners to the sounds, people, and places of our wildest dreams.

Because sometimes we all need to escape the ordinary.



Keith is the writer, host, and producer of SUMMIT. He has a deep passion for the outdoors that began with camping and climbing trips in his youth — a love that continues to this day. Basically, he's a nerd for all things outdoors.

Keith lives with his wife and family in Denver, Colorado, in the very heart of alpine country and one of the epicenters of the mountain communities. You can follow him here on Twitter, or check in on Facebook or Instagram as well.

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